Annual Boxing Day Pier Race

The Pier Race has now reached its 64th Race. It has been open for ALL athletes of Southend-on-sea Athletic Club. 

John Tyler who is seen in the photo above was the founder and also first winner of the race. John Tyler recalls that all types of track and field athletes took part in running the race.

The specific distance is running from the top of the ramp down the length of the pier and back.

It is a handicapped race which means that all athletes start at specific times based on there ability with the intention that everyone actually finishes at the same time. 

The handicapping for many years was done by Dr Michael Seaman until recently being taking over by Michael Jeffreys. Each year if you have the intention to run you only have to jot your details down in the clubhouse prior to the pier race.

All are welcome to spectate as the pier is open for general use. 

The trophies that are available are the following:

Fastest Male

Fastest Female

First Finisher (This could be absolutely anyones trophy!)

The results for the pier race can be found on the following links:

2016 Results

2015 Results

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