Existing members

Subscriptions for existing members fall due at the start of the Club’s year, ie 1st April.


If you would like to pay via Bank transfer please contact the Club Treasurer  and she will provide the details and you will still have to provide a filled out renewal form to the Membership Secretary June Cork. Thank You.


New members

            The basic subscriptions remain the same but there is a one-off Joining Fee of £25 per member

            payable with the initial subscription. A Club vest is provided on joining. 


Once you join Southend-on-Sea Athletic Club you are free to use any of the track and field facilities, depending on your age, and under supervision from the coach of that area.



*League matches – track and field during the summer season, cross country during the winter season are free to enter and you will be approached by the relevant Team Manager to compete.

*County, Area and National Championships – the Club does not pay for individual entries to Championship events: it is the responsibility of the athlete to obtain an entry form and pay for

the entry.


The Club House


Club House2 Club House1

*An 8-lane 100m Straight track and a full 8-lane 400m running track which is floodlit during

the winter training sessions.

*Steeplechase – all barriers including the fixed barrier at the water jump, are adjustable
*Long Jump pits x 2
*Triple Jump pits x 2
*High Jump
*Pole Vault x 2
*Shot Putt fan
*Javelin x 2
*Hammer & Discus cage [the throwing circle also has fixing points for a wheelchair]

*And a brand-new Club House!


            Facilities in the Leisure Centre

– male and female toilets, changing rooms and showers
– two-tier viewing galleries
– store room
– locker facilities

– the facility is wheelchair friendly – there are sloped and stepped entrances into the Centre

and onto the track



Are you interested in joining us? PLEASE CONTACT US at: